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SonoBat 4 North America

SonoBat viewer with extensive features to filter, adjust, emphasize, and interpret bat call signals, integrated with precision full-spectrum automated species analysis and classification, extraction and export of call parameter data, Vetting Table with customizable manual vetting tools, data exporting, and report generation. Includes selectable regional classifier packs for all of North America, SonoBat utilities, Data Wizard utilities to attribute files with metadata from most detector types, attribute files with NABat required metadata, scrub files to scrub out noise (non-bat) files, batch edit filenames, batch edit metadata notes, batch remove metadata, batch rename metadata fields, smart parse longe duration recordings into files of individual bat pass events, and batch convert .wav files to .zc files. Also includes SonoBat LIVE to record in real-time with uncompromised SonoBat full-spectrum analysis and classification, view results, attribute files with GUANO metadata, and streamline workflow by eliminating post-processing steps.

SonoBat 4 United Kingdom

The same features and functions as SonoBat North America, but with regional classifier packs and adjustments for UK bat species.

Available from SonoBat UK:

SonoBat 4 Universal

Software for bat analysis and automated batch processing of call parameter data, manual vetting tools, and data output. Includes all of the above except functional species classification. Use for geographic regions other than North America and the United Kingdom to automatically process, recognize acceptable call pulses, batch extract call parameter data, and interactively vet recordings. Customizable manual identification and button tools facilitate metadata tagging files with identifications.

SonoBat 4 Viewer Free

The SonoBat foundation viewer for viewing recordings in compressed view and real-time, and rendering calls in high-resolution standard view display.

SonoBat License Policy

We issue licenses to people, rather than machines. This permits installation on more than one machine to enable use in different locations, for example a laptop in the field and a desktop for office use. But distinct installations used by distinct users with potential simultaneous operation warrants additional licenses. Please consider our software as you would an item of hardware that would require more than one unit to operate in more than one place at the same time for different users.

We consider it fair use for you to move your SonoBat installation among your machines, or for example to use it for viewing and vetting files on one machine while another one under your direction crunches a data set.

We thank you for supporting SonoBat with a license to support our ongoing research and development. And we like to believe that some of the social calls you record just might be the bats thanking you for the work you do.


To pay by credit card, select the PayPal links below and select “Pay with a debit or credit card, or Bill Me Later” from the shopping cart. This route will accept a credit card through PayPal merchant services. The credit card statement will read, “PayPal: SonoBat.” Some government agencies do not allow purchases through this merchant service. If so for your agency, please submit an order form and we can call you and accept a credit card payment over the phone or arrange a purchase through invoice or purchase order.

SonoBat 4 NA

$1536 (perpetual license)

Full software suite for North American bat analysis and automated species classification, vetting, and reporting.

SonoBat 4 Universal

$680 (perpetual license)

Full software suite for bat analysis and automated batch extraction of call parameter data, vetting, and reporting.

SonoBat 4 Viewer


Generic tool for viewing and vetting bat recordings. Try out SonoBat.

SonoBat 4 Year One

$384 (Year One License)

To help you get batting with SonoBat we offer this lease to own arrangement in which the fourth purchase of a yearly license will elevate your license to perpetual status.

SonoBat 4 Year Two

$384 (Year Two License)

Continuation from a year one to a year two license in the progression toward a perpetual license. Upon check out you will see the actual $768 value of the year two license. Enter your first year license code in the discount code field to adjust the price to $384.

SonoBat 4 Year Three

$384 (Year Three License)

Continuation from a year two to a year three license in the progression toward a perpetual license. Upon check out you will see the actual $1152 value of the year three license. Enter your second year license code in the discount code field to adjust the price to $384.