SonoBat 4 NA includes all North American Regional Classifier packs

SonoBat crafts each regional classifier separately using only the assemblage of species in that region considered against each other. This strengthens the performance of each classifier by optimizing the classification logic for different species assemblages.

Please click on a region or click on a state below to be redirected to the correct software suite.

SonoBat makes it easy for occasions when you may need to consider other potential species in a given data set. Refer to the regional suite species matrices to select a region that includes the species of interest. With a file already displayed on the main SonoBat panel, simply right-click on the classify button to select an alternate region, or use the pull-down selector on previously batch processed set of files open in the Vetting Table to quickly reprocess the entire batch; and then sort to seek and consider individual files.

Canada + Alaska