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[heading]SonoBat 4 is a powerful combination of acoustic tools for data management, metadata attribution, visual analysis, automated classification, and real-time active monitoring.

Our classification engine uses full spectrum from hundreds of thousands of manual recordings of bats from across the American continent, in order to provide unparalleled classification accuracy.[/heading]

SonoBat 4

SonoBat 4 uses true to life recordings of bats for analysis, such as this example.

This allows you to use a wealth of signal theory tools to tease out a wealth of data on your acoustic environment.

[Noisy call before][Zero cross before]
[Noisy call after][note saying post processing is not possible without making assumptions]

SonoBat Live

SonoBat LIVE is the new SonoBat tool for active monitoring, driving transects and citizen science.

Incorporating the same Classification engine as SonoBat 4. every decision made during active monitoring reflects the full weight of confidence found in traditional passive monitoring species identification.

Spend less time looking at noise while active monitoring. SonoBat LIVE uses the same scrubbing tools you know from SonoBat to only present actual bat calls during active monitoring.

Use your eyes and ears to improve your data. On the fly flagging of files and editing of metadata lets the user add contextual notes only possible with active monitoring.

Generate report-ready data. With SonoBat LIVE all post-processing that comes with passive monitoring is unnecessary. All files recorded will include metadata naming conventions preset for your study. Only data that is relevant to your study will be saved, saving memory space. Best of all all classification, summary, and Maximum Likelihood Estimates are ready for use the second you are done recording for the night.

Additional features added in SonoBat4:

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