Screenshot showing a recorded sequence in compressed view mode.

View identical sequence with appended T. brasiliensis reference call.

SonoBat software provides a comprehensive tool for analyzing and comparing high-resolution full-spectrum Sonograms of Bat echolocation calls recorded from time-expansion bat detectors. With its intuitive and direct interface, SonoBat makes it easy to record, process, display, and analyze calls with great sophistication.

SonoBat can append library reference calls to a call sequence or individual call and display them on the same sonogram at identical time and frequency scales– no opening of other call files in separate windows and manipulating them to make a comparison. SonoBat does that for you automatically with point and click simplicity.

SonoBat can also process calls into very high-resolution standard view sonograms to display nuances of call morphology and enable on-screen analysis of call data.

We invite you to view the features page to see screenshots of these and other features.