SonoBat 3 for Mac Demo

Recommended System requirements: Intel Mac with OS 10.3 and at least 512 MB of RAM.
Similar to other graphic-intensive programs, SonoBat thrives on memory. Increasing RAM will enhance SonoBat performance and allow you to process longer segments of call sequences.

To install, download the SonoBat 3 for Macintosh demo installer (58 MB).

Unzip the file and please follow the installation instructions.

If you have not previously used SonoBat, run through the basic SonoBat operations presentation to get acquainted with using SonoBat. Then if you have not already viewed the SonoBat 3 presentation, download it and run through it to learn the details about what SonoBat 3 does and how to use it.

Open the files, click buttons, explore, and have fun!

Note: If SonoBat halts execution from a memory limitation, push the arrow icon on the upper left of the panel to restart execution to refresh memory.

Also-- if memory limitation becomes a recurrent problem, reduce the maximum points to process setting (see related help message).