Autorecording with a Samson Zoom H2

Currently available and in stock from electronic retailers, Samson Zoom H2 digital recorders work well for an evening of autorecording. These units accept a line in connection from a Pettersson D240x or other detector and record directly to an onboard flash card in .wav format readable by SonoBat. Samson Zoom H2 units cost about 140 USD with a 1 GB card.

Zoom H2 can be set up to automatically parse incoming signals into date time-stamped separate files. By only saving bat pass events, the standard 1 GB card provides ample capacity for most nights. View this PowerPoint guide for Zoom H2 recording for how to set up and use these units.

Samson Zoom H2 in field

Pettersson D240x and a Samson Zoom H2 deployed at a field site.

See also more information on longer term recording solutions and recording and enclosure suggestions.

Pettersson D240x and a Samson Zoom H2