SonoBat can process calls into very high-resolution standard view sonograms to display nuances of call morphology and enable on-screen analysis of call data.


The SonoBat AutoParser utility can process a file from any digital recorder and and save bat pass events with a location, date, and time stamp. more information…


The SonoBat File Scrubber utility rapidly scans through a directory of files to recognize files without bat calls- a real time saver for autorecording. more information…

current release:
SonoBat v2.9.5
with automated parameterization and other automated features
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Compiled reference views

simple unattended call recording

Corynorhinus townsendii call variant compared with reference call.

Just say no to noise files with the Scrubber.

SonoBat lets you append library reference calls or compilations of reference calls to a call sequence or individual call and display them on the same sonogram at identical time and frequency scales– no opening of other call files in separate windows and manipulating them to make a comparison.

The SonoBat AutoRecorder utility works with any autotriggering detector such as the Pettersson D240x to automatically download files to your computer with a location, date, and time stamp. more information…

The SonoBat Batch Attributer batch-names files and adds notes and SonoBat file attributes for effective data management.