SonoBat 3 eastern North America classifier matrices

Eastern North America classifier matrix.
Table Texas bat species by region
Florida species matrix

Select a classifier that best fits the expected species in your study area. Even with high quality recordings, and because of overlapping call characteristics for many species*, SonoBat still may only classify with a 95-98% correct classification rate and you should never rely on the autoclassification results to base id's for out of range or rare species. Any species that you can exclude from consideration will increase the performance in classifying the remaining species that you expect to have in a your area.

1 Unfortunately, Lase and Labo produce acoustically indistinguishable calls. Consider a classification result for "Labo" as either where they overlap and Lase if you do not expect Labo where you recorded. Where these species both occur, irrefutable species confirmation requires capture.

2 Cora vocalizes low amplitude calls that seldom provide robust signals unless they happen to fly very close to a microphone. SonoBat outputs Cora results somewhat liberally with the intent to serve as an alert for a potential detection, but with the expectation that these results require manual confirmation, and the relative rarity of Cora does not present much of a burden to do that. Do not accept an automated classification result for Cora without manual confirmation. Cora produces feature-thin calls that just run from about 40 to 20 kHz, and out of range bats can easily leave fragments that leave pieces like that, as well as some insects and noise. To manually confirm Cora classification, check that they have a complete sequence of search phase calls; sequences with harmonics typical of Cora (compare with reference views) provide the highest confidence for confiming identification.

* Further information regarding classification of eastern North America species: SonoBat 3.1 NE classification notes and specific classification of Indiana bats (Myotis sodalis) and little brown bats (M. lucifugus): MysoMylu Classification Note-NE-v3.1.